Monday, September 29, 2014

Have you Reached Your Goals this Year?

Hello All!

It has been quite a while since I typed up a post!

I just wanted to give you guys a little update about me and what I've been working on for the past several months!

This year so far has been the year of adventures! I have been trying my hardest to follow up on a lot of small goals that I set up for myself, both late last year and at the beginning of this year..

One of the many goals I wanted to accomplish, personally, was to start a new business venture. Something new, that I have never done before, and create an income from it. 

I sort of started it earlier this year. On a previous post- My summer vacation is almost over, I talked about how I started selling clothes on Instagram, through my shop @shyculture and how I was going to go into detail about that business venture a little later. I am happy to say that I DID manage to get that business venture going, and I HAVE started to create a (small) income from it. 

Its far from the income I want to achieve mind you, but my little shop @shyculture, is starting to grow little by little.

RIght now, I have only been selling my own clothes, and have not started buying new materials, yet. But that will change BEFORE the end of this year, 2014.

OK! Time for Updates!!

Since I have been away from my computer for quite some time, and this blog has already started to catch dust, I have decided to start a whole new section on my blog, and dedicate it strictly to New Updates! 

Basically, I have decided to write smaller, but informational blog posts about the newest additions and progress of this blog, and other blogs that I contribute to, and publish them together.

Longer posts, will NOW only be posted once a week (YES! I will post, I promise!), and I will keep you guys informed about changes, and appearances through Twitter!

If you haven't already Follow Me on Twitter: @jessicaarangel1

I love to hear from my Audience, and I DO respond to comments!

About this Blog...

Well, let me tell you a little bit about this blog...

Even though I have not been on here for a while, I am SO thankful my wonderful readers have actually stuck around.

What is even more wonderful is that this blog continues to thrive. 

Lately, I have been studying the layout of my blog, and I have noticed the HUGE difference in earnings in both Amazon AND my other affiliates, mainly Bluehost and Ebates (I am going to explain this further in an upcoming post).

Amazon has always been a great source of income for me, but lately, Its been treating me a lot better since I started to focus less on advertising the store, and more on Enjoying the products and telling people about them.

NOW, this blog is becoming more of a step-by-step guide for others, because I am trying to keep people up to date on everything that I try. 

Before I started working on this blog, I was a full-time freelance writer, and blogger, for a couple of companies. In fact, if you like, you can Follow me on my other blog- The Writing Gal. This is where I write about Freelancing, How to Blog professionally, and establish your brand as a writer.

So, I think its worthy of a mention!

Thinking back on goals, I have achieved ONE goal I had for this Blog.

Create another source of income from it, and connect it to other business ventures. 

Like I mentioned above, I have been working on another business outside of this blog, and its going well. 

One thing that I am looking forward to doing more of, is posting more updates on this blog about my other ventures.

Its seems to me, people relate more to me, when they see everything I'm doing. So, If you guys want to know more information about my businesses, then I'll write more about them!

Once again, Dont Forget to Follow my Instagram shop: @shyculture and my PERSONAL account on @jessicaarangel10.

Also, see you on Twitter! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

My Summer Vacation is (almost) Over!

This year is going by waaay too fast!

It's crazy to me that this year is more than half way through. This year is particularly hard for me, since my son is starting school in a couple of days, and I will be heading back to college, and finish this last degree.

This summer has gone by in a flash!

I don't know about you, but I make plans for every week, and although I may not do everything on my summer list, I still like to make the plans. 

This year for the first time in years, I learned the stress that many parents go through during back-to-school shopping, when I went shopping for my own son, to prepare him for preschool. 

Not only that but, like I mentioned above, I'm going to school myself, so that makes it that much harder for me to prepare for everything else!

If you still need to get shopping done, Shop HERE! 

Or Find your school and see what you need HERE! 

Besides going through the shock of sending my son to school for the very first time, I have also been experimenting with side businesses that I've read about online. 

One of the most recent one is Setting shop on Instagram and Selling Used Clothes.. A lot of people have been doing this, and to be honest, it caught my eye when I saw how easy it could be. So, stay tuned for a post on this, because it is going to be GOOD!

Selling clothes on Instagram is one of the businesses I've been trying. I'm not ready to tell you guys about the other ones, but as soon as I have time and enough information, you'll be able to read all about it!


Like I said, I have been busy working on other projects to write on this blog, but that doesn't mean I have not been paying attention to my numbers.

On average, this blog will receive at least 100 views a day. 

So, I must be doing something right!

I noticed that even though I am not quite able to keep up with it, I am keeping up with social media- Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Not only that, but my call-to-action messages are key as to why my little blog is doing so well! 

Let social media do the job for you!

Sounds too good to be true, right!

Well, it's really not. Let me explain:

Last year, I wrote a post about how to keep up with your blog when you dont have time, that explains how keeping up with social media, helps readers know that I'm still around, and I haven't forgotten about them. You can read the post Here- No Time to Blog? No Problem! Keep a Presence online doing this! 

I have been learning how to multi-task in a way, to try to keep up with all the demand that being a blogger brings.

Social Media is something that I'm still learning, but its getting "easier" as time passes. 

If you can't blog every day, then keep up with your readers on your most popular social networks, and engage with them. Refer them to past articles, even if it means sending them to posts you wrote a year ago, or longer. 

Do anything that you can to keep your readers engaged, and this alone will help you retain and grow the number of followers on your blog(s).

As you can tell from the date of the last blog post, it's been months since I wrote on this blog. However, my social media accounts have been steadily growing every month. 

If you want to follow me, you can find me on Twitter @bwordsblog, and Facebook/the beyond words blog.

Give that a try, and see if it works for you!

Friday, April 4, 2014

3 Things to Keep in Mind When You Sign up to Amazon Affiliates

If you are reading this post, chances are you want to know what you should consider before you sign up to Amazon associates, or if you already signed up, how to get over certain obstacles. 

However, there are three things to keep in mind when you sign up to this program, and want to start earning right away. 

Below, I'm somewhat quickly summarize the three points, and try to shed some advice on how to get past these obstacles, and not let them get in the way of you making money through Amazon Associates.

1. You get paid every month, but for the sales you made TWO months ago.

Here is one of the most important things that you have to remember when you start out, or when you want to sign up to amazon affiliates. Say for example you sign up for amazon affiliates in January, and right away you start profiting from the program. Amazon will pay you, your earnings, but two months later. Basically, if you start in January, you will be paid in March. Two months later. For many people, this can be a little bit of a disappointment, since they want to be paid right away, but Amazon will pay you monthly, if your sales are high enough and in special occasions. So, read the fine print before you start working with Amazon.

If you manage to have an amazing first month, or first several months, but you do not see the rewards yet, DONT QUIT.

I've heard this happening a lot with new bloggers, when they don't see the rewards of all their hard work right away, and quit the program before they get paid. 

Its important to know the payment schedule, and know when you are going to start seeing the money coming in. 

If you signed up for Amazon associates for more than a year, chances are that you are getting paid every month, or every other month, and you are seeing some differences in the payment. 

Well, this is normal, and although it can be frustrating to say the least, you want to make sure that you continue to keep your account, and you increase your earnings because you will see that money, just two months later. 

2. Not Every person that browses your blog/website will purchase something through your affiliate links. The key here is TARGETTED blog content.

Amazon affiliates may be an amazing program, but not everyone that comes to your blog will want to purchase something from the site. Its very important to keep this in mind when you start this affiliate program. 

You only earn money when people make a purchase through the affiliate links on your blog. This means, if people are just browsing through, chances are, you wont make a sale. 

No sale, to money.

It sucks, but that's the catch. 

In order to bring in the attention of "buyers", you need to have the type of information that will attract readers to your blog. 

In other words- You need to have both the proper Information and audience for your blog. Or Targetted Blog Content.

Your blog content needs to entice people to buy from amazon through your blog. Many bloggers, let me tell you, take this as a personal challenge, and try to engage their readers through their blogs. 

Although some fail, the majority of bloggers find success not because they blog constantly, but because their blogs receive a lot of traffic, and their blog content attracts people that either need a specific product, or need advice on a specific subject, and through blogging, writers are able to recommend books or a product for people to buy. 

Its crazy, but it works and that's how people create such a great income from Amazon Associates. 

While you might be tempted to start recommending products, or telling people what products you like, and the reasons they should buy them, just remember- people are mainly looking for a good source of information, rather than constantly being told to "buy" something left and right. 

Just remember its "quality over quantity".

You can have hundreds of blog posts, but it really wont do you very good if your readers are not interested in your posts. 

Really, its all about finding the balance between recommending a product to your readers, and writing useful posts for your blog. 

3. It takes time to build trust between you and your readers. You will find success in this program when your readers trust you. 

I've found myself experience a lot of successful months, when my readers not only like what I have to say about a product in specific, but when they like my blog posts. 

Sometimes people may not really be looking to buy something, but if you have amazing information, and you post frequently, readers will be more willing to make purchases through your site. 

Its all about building a relationship with your readers, and allowing your audience to feel comfortable coming to your blog, and commenting on your work and keeping that cycle going. 

If you can do this, chances are that you will create a successful blog, and you will earn a significant amount from amazon associates. 

I hope this helps you increase, or start creating your own income!

~To your success!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Little Monday Motivation- 3 of my Favorite Methods to Create an income (or Increase it!)

Happy Monday!

Happy St Patricks Day!!

I used to hate Mondays, but now I look forward to them because I get to outline my work for the week, and I also get to check out the progress I am making on my blog. 

Last week was a good week for me. A lot happened, my blog got a lot more traffic, and I went into a little bit of detail in my previous blog post: A Month of No Blogging, This is What Happens.

In this post, I explain how affiliates helped me last month, and what I liked about them. 

3 of my personal favorite methods to create income from my blog (or increase it!)

In another previous post: How to create a profitable blog, I explained how to create income from your blog. 

But there are so many ways that this can be achieved. 

At times we may get disappointed because we are not seeing the progress or numbers in either our traffic or our income. So, how can we get some motivation during hard times?

There are 3 methods that I LOVE to use when I want to either grow my income or create another source of income. So, here they are!

1. Working Affiliates Within my Blog Posts.

As a blogger, I KNOW my income is 90% reflective of the traffic to my blog. Basically, if no one visits my blog, I cant create an income. 

I use a variety of affiliates in my blog. As you are able to tell, I also like to blog about them A LOT. What I have noticed since I started blogging for a living, is that people really like to work with an affiliate when they know its popular enough. 

So, I like to take advantage of this and mention the things that I am interested in, through my blog.

Linking affiliates within my blog posts is not only SMART, its also a time saver!

Linking affiliates within my blog posts is smart for a number of reasons. For one, the more I post a link to my posts, the more likely it is that people will purchase the product I am recommending. 

Whenever I mention a product or a service, I make sure I recommend it because I like the product, and I know its worth the mention.

Amazon affiliates has an AMAZING tool, the search box, that lets people search through their site using this widget. I love and use it on every blog I have, therefore, increasing the number of sales. 

If you are using an affiliate make sure that you let people know how its helped you, and why its so popular.

This brings me to number 2.

2. Showing popular products within my posts. 

Whether you are using an already popular affiliate or a new affiliate, your chances of making a profit from that affiliate go up, when your readers know they are not alone in purchasing a product or service from the affiliate link you are offering, or joining a site from your links. 

I like to have links of popular products within my blog posts because honestly, its simpler than searching for the most liked product on any site, or affiliate website. 

Many websites that offer affiliates often show you the most popular or hottest product for the week, or the month. Use that! 

There is nothing better, than having the most popular links given to you already, without having to do any of the work!

3. Finally, Making the posts RELEVANT to the products.

If you really want to increase your income, or create an income from your blog during your first month of blogging, you have to work at it. 

One of the most important things to remember about working with affiliates is that they are constantly changing. 

In order to create a successful profitable blog, your affiliates have to be relevant to your blog. 

As you can see, I try to show as many links to products I use on a daily basis, and help me in my business. Whenever I mention them in blog posts, and attach a link, I try to keep my posts as relevant as possible to the product and make sure I mention them several times through out my post. 

This not only helps my reader understand why the product is so important, but chances are that the person will make more than one purchase from my blog as well. 

Bonus- Less is more.

Here is a bonus MOTIVATION tip for you!

If you are having trouble increasing your income even after you have experimented, tried different blogging styles and done your research, then simply BLOG ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW.

Too many times, I come across many bloggers who have their blogs covered with ads, and affiliate links, but do not really mention them on their posts.

The majority of the time, when it comes to blogging, LESS IS MORE. What does that mean?

You don't necessarily need to have advertisements all over your blog, for your readers to find your affiliate links. Try to keep all of your links together in one place, to help your readers find your resources. 

My blog has several new pages including A RESOURCE page, where my readers can find all of the affiliates that I run on my blog, and a link where they can sign up to the website if they choose to. 

My resource page has helped me increase my income about 35% in the past 6 months. 

I have all of my affiliates neatly listed- or as much as they can be- through out the page, and It shows my readers the easiest way to sign up through the links. 

I hope this helps you increase your traffic and earnings!

Stay tuned for more tips later this week! 

Have you Reached Your Goals this Year?

Hello All! It has been quite a while since I typed up a post! I just wanted to give you guys a little update about me and what I'v...