Monday, April 23, 2012

Can you Achieve Success During your First Year as a Writer?

What do you consider to be success in the freelance business?

Having more than one client? Having several sources of income, or having constant work?

Achieving success during your first year as a freelance writer, means that you have have an idea of what you would consider to be "succeess" as a writer. Many writers consider themselves successful because they are able to earn a certain amount of money each month, without failing. Others consider being able to expand thier business, and have more than ONE source of income success.

To me, achieving success means being able to SURVIVE on what you make as a writer. If I can say that I've paid all of my bills, my mortgage, and I STILL have money left over to treat my son to say: Disneyland, then yes, I have achieved success in the freelance business.

Other writers are only freelancers to get out of debt, to create an income while they attend college, or to simply have money laying around to treat themselves out once in a while. Having an extra $500 a month to have fun can do all of this and more. So, if you have this, and this is what you were aiming for, then you have achieved success as a writer. 

In general, if freelancers want to achieve success during their first year of freelancing, then there are some things that are a MUST when it comes to writing, and marketing. 
  1. Create and establish a blog and website. This is a must for any freelancer that is looking to market their services online. Blogs can be helpful when clients ask for recent clips or any material that you have worked on. 
  2. Keep your blog updated. Since I started THIS blog, I've had an increase of clients asking me about my services, and what was my turn around time. Many clients will CHECK to see how often blogs, websites and even articles are updated to see the quality of your work, and what they can expect from writer. So, the more often you update your blogs, the chances of clients finding you, also increases.
  3. How well do you communicate online? The whole point of marketing your business and services online, is being able to communicate what you do. 
  4. If you are going to work for Content mills, Work hard. More than half of the clients that have reached me, have seen my profiles on writing sites such as: Helium, Bukisa, and even Hubpages. The reason why I am such a fan of these websites is because I can work on my residual income, AND put my information online about me. Remember: clients can come from ANYWHERE.
My advice to you. 

Any writer can find success as a full-time freelance writer. It all depends on two things: What you want to specialize in, and How hard you are willing to work for your success. There is so much competition out there, that it can almost make it difficult for writers to get the jobs that they need or want. If you want to make money as a writer, stick to what you know best!

If you are a blogger, then market your blog, and do not stop until you've reached the success that you want. 
If you work for private clients, then apply for jobs until you get them, and then promote your services even more. 

Success will not come without hard work and some sacrifices. 

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