Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How Many Articles Can You Write a Day? How Much Do You Earn From Them?

I've found out that many writers that have stuck to writing for content mills or that have been writing on their own blogs or websites make a fair amount of money a month, not just because they have good traffic, but because they actually write articles left and right..

As important as it is to have a good amount of traffic to your work, it is also important to have work that your audience will love to read, and that they will love to come back to. In many cases, I've found that writer that have a lot of traffic, do so because they write an immense amount of articles a week. Whether its from content mills, blogs or their websites, they constantly keep their work fresh. 

I try to write as often as possible, although I gotta say, sometimes I do have the bad habit where I get lazyand I just settle for the money that I have coming in. There are other times however, when I do write like crazy and try to get as many articles done in a week as I can, and slowly but surely see my earnings increase dramatically almost overnight. 

So, in that case: How many articles do you write? and how much money do you get from them? 

This is the question that I get asked continuously and I answer almost on a daily basis. I write as much as I can, even though I try to do at least 10 or more articles a week on both Triond and Hubpages. But then, I write that same amount a day on Helium and this also pays off more than enough each month. So, in reality it all depends on where I write and how much I write. 

The thing with either of these choices is that the residual income will be there. I still earn on a daily basis, and I also try to promote my articles as much as I can every day. So, there is a lot that I do to make sure that I earn more than enough money each month. 

Many writers do not only focus on writing for content mills, but also getting their own private clients, and getting more money as they go along. Before I decided to stick with content mills, I did a lot of work for private clients, and even though most of the time payments were fast and secure, there were a lot of times when I had problems getting paid on time. 

As I continue to work on my writing and expanding my business, I'm also taking on more work and looking for newer places to write and further my experience as a writer. This is actually working out better than I had expected! 

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