Monday, May 27, 2013

5 mistakes writers keep making when marketing their work.

Perhaps you can relate to this.
  1. Number one mistake that many writers keep making is not knowing where they can market their work. Its true. When I started writing for a living, I mainly stuck to social network sites to share my work. Yes, I did get a lot of traffic, but I felt as though I was splitting myself in two when I wanted to look for work. Today there are so many websites where you can look for work, share your work and talk to other writers who are looking for inspiration, help etc.. Social networks are great, but they are not the only place where you can share your work. Try forums, job sites, and even help forums to share your work. It pays to be creative!
  2. Once writers share their work online, they assume that everyone is going to read it. This does not necessarily happen. As we all know marketing your work takes time, effort and patience. You have to make sure your work reaches your targeted audience, or any audience really. If you want your work to be read, you have to go out there are tell people about it. Create a blog/ website and tell your readers when you have published a new post. Leave a link in other writers websites and tell them about your posts. You have to connect with others if you want to create loyal readers. 
  3. Writers do not comment back. Even though it can be impossible to respond to every single comment that you receive on your blog, try! There is nothing worse than commenting on a post and not seeing anything back. You want your readers to know that there is a real person behind your blog. So commenting can be a great way of showing them that!
  4. Not keeping blogs updated. I recently talked to a writer who was shocked to his blog only got a handful of views last month. Like many other writers he was struggling to see the results of all of his hard work. Not knowing if I could be of any help, I took a look at his blog, and to my shock i saw exactly 5 post on it. He said that he did not have the time to update his blog when he needed to look for work. Freelancing is all about finding balance. I have talked about this a lot in the past, and I think its worth mentioning it again. Your blog is the window of opportunity to catch the attention of future clients, readers etc.. So, if you dont want to lose that traffic, keep your work updated!
  5. Writers assume their work is done after they share their work online. If a writers work was done after we finish one job, then we would all be making a lot of money. This is not the case! What happens after we finish writing on our blog, or applying for jobs? We keep going! Freelancing can be a hard business to get into. You constantly have to keep working on your business to see the results. However, it is not impossible. So, once you are done bidding on a job, or applying for a job on a website, unless you get the job, keep going! 

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