Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hey, Is your Freelance Business Growing?

Is your freelance business growing?

Can you tell if your freelance business is growing?

You know if your freelance business is growing when you have a steady source of income, you have a growing client list, and blog or website is finally giving you a monthly income. However, this does not always happen.

 Many freelance writers consider themselves successful when they have one or two long-term clients, when they can cover their bills each month, and when they are able to work 12 hour days.

In reality, many freelancers cant tell if their businesses are growing, if they have reached a plateau or if they need to work a little bit harder in order to reach higher paying clients. I should know, I am one of them. I am not proud since I have been helping many writers, but I honestly did not have the time to take a closer look at my business until the beginning of this year.

Up until earlier this year, I thought my business was going great. 

I did have a steady source of income, I have several clients that I can count on until the end of this year, and most importantly I am making money from my blog. However, as great as that all was I noticed that my traffic was about the same every month, my income did not increase, it stayed the same, and all of the projects that I had put on "pause" because of lack of time, had pretty much been forgotten.

So, in reality, my business wasn't thriving per say, it was just there. Let me tell you, that killed me! I'm serious!

I felt horrible knowing that the business that I had started a little over two years ago, and helped me create an income when I decided to become a stay-at-home mother had pretty much been left in the dust. In the months following my discover I decided to make a few changes to my blog, and really take a look at what was missing. I didn't want a good blog, I wanted an AMAZING blog.

Here's what I did:
  • I looked over my blog posts and made a few changes- Took out the posts that had little to no traffic, linked posts that had helpful information, changed tags, added tags, and added new blog posts. 
  • I changed the look of my blog- I added an E-STORE with some of my favorite products, and many high-quality products, some high in demand products, and lastly products that I love and wanted to recommend. 
  • I Am adding a newsletter option APART from my blog post updates. I want people to be able to connect with me, and be able to get answers faster. That becomes harder when I have one too many blogs. 
  • I changed my social media statuses and shared some of the changes I made to my blogs, and posts. So far, many of my readers have liked the newest changes to the blog, and my traffic has increased!
  • Finally! the last piece of the puzzle: the clients! Although I do have several private clients, I did need to make a decision about how many clients I needed/ wanted in order to have more time and make more money with my other projects. I realized that although I am making money, I wanted to finish my book, and start on other long-term projects, and that would simply not happen if I had no time to finish either. So, I assigned several clients to other writers, and started working on projects that had been left in the back burner, and finished what I started. The result? Yup! you guessed it! I finally got over the rough start, and began to work on my business again.
Your freelance business will grow if you keep on working towards your goals. Keep a note of what you want to accomplish through your business, and keep working on them. Pay close attention to changes, and always look for the best option for your business. 

Nothing can go wrong with that!

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