Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The balancing act of a freelance writer.

Is being a freelance writer easy?

No, its hard, but there are a lot of positive aspects to this job that makes up for the difficult parts of it. 

The hard part for many writers is not how to find work, but being able to balance their careers along with their responsibilities apart from their work. 

One of the pros of working from home as a freelance writer is being able to make up your own schedule, work when you want, and be your own boss. 

Dream come true right! Well, this would be the ideal job but its not for everyone. Especially those that cant find the balance between their businesses and family. 

When I first started my freelance business it was not easy. I had a lot of problems setting a schedule and sticking to it. Not only did I work well outside of my business hours, but I was missing a lot of quality time away from my family.. while I was living under the same roof. It was bad!

One of the very first things that I tell any writer right away, is that they should be absolutely sure that they can handle the pressure of being writers, having to search for jobs, and having to set their own schedules. 

Why, oh why do I do this? Its simple, I want my clients to find success in this business right away, or during their first year in their career. 

Here are a few tips to finding balance as a writer. 
  • Set a schedule and please stick with it! Easier said than done. Especially when the money is too good to be turned away. However, when you are a new writer, you are going to be tempted to grab every job that comes your way, just remember that you do have OTHER things to worry about outside of your computer. You will be able to find more jobs. 
  • Set aside time to workout, clear your head. I say this because it happened to me. Freelancing can be an addictive job where you can be seated in front of a computer for hours at a time. It can also be very stressful. Do not lose time when you are working, and make sure you set away a couple of hours each day to take a walk around the corner or to exercise. I've found it amazing how much of a difference walking around makes when those deadlines start pouring in. 
  • Schedule everything in advance. Invest money in a calendar or planner, and put every deadline, project(s) and activity on it. This will help you see on paper what you have to do, and help you plan your days and even weeks in advance. Its also a time saver!
  • One to three projects a week. At the very beginning of your career try to schedule no more than 3 projects at a time. This will give you a chance to see how your business will grow and it wont leave you completely overwhelmed. 
Finding balance when starting a freelance business or while you are expanding your business is not difficult, it just takes time!

To your success! 

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