Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When it comes to your posts: Do you keep track of your word count?

Do you keep count of how many words there are on your posts?

Sometimes I do, and then there are times where I just get too caught up with my work, that I go on and on...

When it comes to writing blog posts, I only have one rule:

As long as you keep your work interesting, it does not matter how many words your posts are!

Many bloggers prefer to write posts under 500 words, then there are others who write OVER 1000 words. Yes, I have counted!

Its all up to the writer really. If you love to write, and feel like you have a lot of information to share, then making your blog posts longer can be a great thing. If you write short-and-to-the-point blog posts, then anything over 250- 300 word blog posts should be fine.

As long as you keep your readers interested, it really does not matter how many words your articles are.

Another question that I get asked a lot is: How often do I have to update my blog?

I love this question because so many bloggers often worry about the amount of traffic that their work gets. Seeing as how these days Traffic= money, I am not surprised that writers worry about this.

Keep your work updated at least 3 times a week. I like to work on all my blog posts during the weekend, but I do not publish them until the following week.

So that my readers can have constant updates from me through out the week, and it also allows me to work on other projects, marketing and my other business etc..

There are so many tools that writers can use in order to maximize their earning potential, that it can be tricky to keep everything together. My advice is to do one thing at a time. Work on one project at a time, and then worry about everything else!

Have fun making money!

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