Sunday, September 8, 2013

No Time To Blog? No Problem! Keep A Presence Online Doing This!

I don't know about any other writer out there, but it can be difficult to keep a presence online when you have so much to do every day! Sometimes it feels like I am struggling to find balance between clients, and keeping up with my blog.

As you can tell, its been quite some time since I have written a blog post here. So, while I have been struggling to keep up with my blog, I have come up with a few shortcuts to keep a presence online, and still have time to work with my clients.

How to keep a presence online:
  • Schedule posts on social media sites- Thanks to today's technology, upgrades on social media and other helpful tools you can find online such as Hootsuite, you can schedule when you want to share your blog posts, comments and even words of encouragement. I do that for Facebook, here on blogger, and recently I started doing that for Linkedin. It saves time, and it creates constant flow of traffic even when you can't check on your work everyday. 
  • Set aside at least One hour a day, to answering questions from your readers- You can set aside an hour a day, a week or whenever you are available to allow others time to ask you questions. You can even set aside a certain time every week and make it a habit. That way your readers will look forward to asking you questions, and having some time with you. This helped me with traffic, but it also increased my client basis because they saw that I could help them with their business. 
  • Keep your blog posts relevant, and link them ALL together. Let me explain this one. If you do not have the time to market each and every single one of your blog posts, or write on your blog every day, that's fine! However, you might be missing out on A LOT of traffic. If you can't promote every single one of your blog posts, then link them together, to make it easier for your readers to find older posts, and your newest articles. It takes time, but its worth it. 
  • Make sure you write enough blog posts for the week on your blog.- This post is all about how you can keep a presence online even if you do not have the time to post EVERY day. However, you should still make the time to post at least ONCE a week, if necessary. I have a schedule that works semi well for me. I do all of my blog posts on Sunday. Although I miss a few weeks, and I promote on social media sites at the beginning of every week. The whole point of this is to keep my work fresh and relevant. It will do you NO GOOD if readers keep coming back to your blog and find months old blog posts. At some point, your readers will be bored and look for other sources of information. 
  • Most importantly: Make the time to answer a few comments or e-mails- Once you get the hang of your new schedule, or being able to talk to your followers every so often, you can also start answering a few e-mails or comments on your blog. I do this once a week now, and it cane be fun. It has also allowed me to give my readers time to really ask me questions, and I try my hardest to answer as many people as I can!
I hope these tips help!
~To your success!

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