Tuesday, December 10, 2013

30 Goals I am hoping to accomplish next year.

This year is almost over, and I am hoping to welcome the new year with a BANG!

Looking back at this year, I gotta say, I'm a little disappointed that not everything I wanted to accomplish, happened but at the same time, I got to do a lot of things that I didn't even know were possible. Yet. 

Bottom line, I'm striving to make next year A LOT better than this year, and I am also planning on moving my businesses FORWARD, and really getting out there! To the heart of the freelance business!

I have been working on about 30 things, more or less of things that I WANT to accomplish, working my tail off to get done, and things that have been on my mind for a while.. 

So! Without further ADO! Here's my list!
  1. Write one or more blog posts a day
  2. Respond to more e-mails
  3. Take a closer look at my traffic, study it more
  4. Start working on book outlines for other book ideas
  5. Think of a new book title
  6. Send out more query letters
  7. Talk to writers about possible guest blogging
  8. ACCEPT guest bloggers
  9. Strive to type at least 1000 a way. If not more
  10. Learn one new skill, apply it to my business
  11. Grow my freelance business by adding at least 5 NEW clients
  12. Coach more clients- expand this part of my business
  13. Go to more networking events
  14. Get NEW and IMPROVED business cards
  15. work on my brand- consistently
  16. Publish my e-book
  17. Increase the number of followers on my blog
  18. Travel more, and create more connections
  19. Work with a designer to change my website, because I have no idea what I'm doing.
  20. Create another form of income from my blog
  21. (possibly) Create another blog, for coaching purposes
  22. Read more books, get creative with my work
  23. Take more pictures and use them on my posts
  24. Add my signature to my blog
  25. Buy a new computer, maybe another phone
  26. Write a play. Or at least read one
  27. Meet more writers- and create a bond
  28. Add more things to this list everyday that I cross one off!
  29. Try to have fun while I accomplish these goals
  30. And finally! Get organized. Buy a personal organizer and WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! I have a tendency to "think" about things, but I lose all of my best ideas, because I never write anything down.. Well, that's going to change next year!
Are you making new goals for next year? I would love to hear some of them!

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