Friday, December 27, 2013

5 Ways to Get Indexed By Google Faster

I have written several posts about how to get more traffic to your site, how to get clients interested in your work, and how to ask your clients for a raise.

You can read all of it here:

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One of the most important things that can help all of the above, and even help you in the future, is knowing how to get your blog indexed by Google faster.

Getting Indexed by Google means that your blog will show up first on the search results whenever you type in your blog name on Google's search engine.

This process can take some time, seeing how often Google changes its system, but there are definitely some fool-proof ways of making sure you get Indexed by Google as you are working on your Blog.

First things first- Make sure your blog is not so much perfect, but view-able. Make sure your blog is ready to be seen by the public. If you do not like the way your blog looks, chances are that your audience wont either. It's OK if you constantly update your blog, but make sure that when your audience looks at your blog, its easy to navigate, and your readers can easily contact you. 

Once you have fixed your blog properly, you can start working on it!

1. Have plenty of reading material. 

One of the easiest things that any blogger can do to get their blogs Indexed faster, is have plenty of posts published. If you constantly update your blog, Google makes it important. Blogs that are inactive, are often forgotten and left behind. So, update your blog as often as you can, and give it importance.

2. Link your blog to established sites. 

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, this is something that not every blogger will do but it works amazingly well, and fast. When you link your blog to a site that is already established, you basically take your blog into the spotlight. It also provides a Link back to your blog, which can provide a lot of traffic to your site. The more traffic your blog receives, the faster Google will Index it!

This brings me to number 3. 

Search your own work. I'm not kidding! I have searched for my blog a few times now, only to find out how fast my blog comes up, and the more I do it, the faster I find out. Search your own blog, and your work. Let others know how easy they can come across your work. 

4. Post and post often. 

This goes along number one, because it is very important. If you want to get indexed by Google faster, and create an income from it,  then you have to be able to work on your blog often, and take your work seriously.

You can read all about that process about How to Create A Profitable Blog here

Blogs that are updated frequently, are given more importance than those who are left behind gathering dust. If you are blogger, hoping to create an income from your work, then make sure you are getting your name out there. 

Find out How to Find High Paying Clients here!

5. Last but not least- Create a social marketing schedule. 

Creating a social marketing schedule works for two reasons:
  1. It keeps your sharing constant, and it allows your readers to know when you are going to post new material every week.
  2. It helps your work be shared simultaneously on multiple sites with more ease.  
I share my work the days I post, which gives me plenty of time to create a schedule for marketing. The more  I post, the more my work is shared. When your work is shared, and liked online, Google gives it importance. You want your work to be LIKED online, its the whole reason why you write! So, don't be shy and get your work out there!

Many social media sites have tools to help you schedule your work online, so you do not have to glued to your computer everyday, if you are doing this part-time, or if you have other clients to work with. It can also be a great way to stay ahead of your work, if you have deadlines to meet, or if you want to grow your business!

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