Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Creating a Profitable Blog

Creating a profitable blog is not hard, it just takes a while. There is a lot to do, from creating a title, posting frequently, receiving traffic. Etc..

It can take a while to work on your blog, but if your goal, at the end is to create a profitable blog, then chances are that you will do it. 

Writing alone, will not create a profit for your blog. If anything, it can be a great source of traffic, but if you are not offering anything that your readers may want to purchase from your site, or from you, then you are not going to earn anything. 

Here are some easy ways to create a profitable blog:
  • Sell a product or a service
  • Use affiliates
  • create a member only website
  • Sell your books or e-books
You can make money from your blog, if your blog has a purpose to it. 

Selling a product or Service

The online world of marketing is growing at a rapid pace. If you promote a service or a product online, and focus on promoting your blog, chances are you will create an income from your blog. No blog has ever earned money by just "being online". Trust me, I should know, I have spent countless hours trying to create traffic to my blog, only to find out that I needed something to give to my readers. 

One of the primary ways that most blogger I know make a living online is by selling their writing services. Many freelance writers promote their work online and land private clients, and other gigs through websites, where they get paid to write. Although they do not necessarily get paid through their blog, they do promote a service on their blog, and create an income online. 

*Word Of Warning*

If you plan to work with a private client, make sure you negotiate both your salary AND your contract before you begin working.

Unfortunately, too many writers get scammed online, when a client refuses to pay them for their work, or the writer does not get all of the money that they were guaranteed at the very beginning.

So, be very careful if this is the career you are planning on working on. It can be a very rewarding career, but you also have to be on top of your game all of the time. 



Affiliates are a Gold Mine for many bloggers and writers online. This is also one of my most profitable ways of earning an income from my blog.

I run a number of affiliates from my blog. From Hosting services such as Bluehost to Amazon Affiliate, which can be seen in product links on my blog. 

Recently, I wrote a posts about how to use Amazon Affiliate to close your income gap each month. If you are looking to create an income this way, Check it out! 

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These affiliates are not only easy to use, but can be blended perfectly on almost any blog, and can create a good source of income when the blogger produces sufficient traffic to their work.

Be sure to follow the TOS for EACH affiliate, and make sure that you do not seem too pushy on your blog, or else people might be turned away from it.

I have made the mistake of cramming many affiliate links on my blog posts, when the posts where short, giving the impression that I was more interested in selling the products, than giving valuable information to my readers. So, do a little math, and find out what products are closely related to your work and mention 1 or 2 in each blog. 

Of course, this is all depending on how long you are planning on making each of your blog posts. 

Creating a Members Only Site

I do not have as much experience with this, but I do know that it can be a very profitable experience when it is used correctly. A members only site is very much like a blog or website, except people have to pay in order to view the information you want them to see. Instead of the blog posts being free for instance, they pay a monthly fee to view your work. 

You have to know where to host your site, and really work on it if you want return members on your site. 

Selling Books or E-books

E-books and Books has become one of the HOTTEST ways to create an income today! 
Thousands of writers have created e-books and not only increased their business productivity, but also created an income from their book sales alone.

If you have not written a book, and have been meaning to, you are losing on a big chance to make money online!

There is no doubt, that e-books and books are creating a buzz online, especially from freelance writers. People are always looking for information about business, especially from those who have a business of their own, and they are also looking for information on how they can create their own source of wealth. This is the perfect way to promote your knowledge while making money along the way!

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