Thursday, December 12, 2013

How To Find the Right Guest Blogging Opportunities

If you have ever wanted to do a guest blog spot, then you need to read this post! 

Guest blogging for many writers is a hard job to get. 

For starters, you have to find a writer who is willing to give you a chance at showing off your writing skills on their blog. Then, you have to kick ass on your post, to be considered for another guest blogging occasion. 

Guest blogging can be an amazing opportunity for writers to not only show off their skills, but also get their names out there, and be featured on a much popular blog. 

It takes some skill to be considered as a guest blogger, although many writers seem to land opportunities left and right. 

So, here are some tips to help you score an amazing guest blogging opportunity:
  1. Find out what writers are looking for guest bloggers. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of writers, who are looking to keep up with their blogs, they just do not have time. So, instead of leaving their blogs behind, they search for guest bloggers. This is where your skills come in. Ask around, and do not be afraid of showing off your writing skills. They will come in handy
  2. Keep up with your own blog. One of the many mistakes that writers make is that they do not bother keeping up with their blogs. If you want to be considered for a guest blog opportunity, it helps to have updated blog posts on your blog. That way other writers can see your most recent work. 
  3. Find blogs where you feel you would SHINE. If you want to be a guest blogger, find blogs that share the topics that you want to write about. If you feel adventurous, then find blogs where you think you can research the topics, or learn about them. 
  4. Grow your portfolio, and promote the hell out of it. If you are dead serious about doing one, two or several guest blogging opportunities, then promote that idea. The best way to get something, if you go out there and LOOK for it. Many writers think that they have to wait until someone finds them.. Yeah, it happens for sure, but its not the only way that, this can happen. If you haven't been able to find the right writing gigs, and you do not have enough examples of your work in your portfolio, then you can always use your blog as an example of your work. It works, I've used it!
  5. Lastly, ask for references. If one freelancer is not interested in having you guest blog, just ask for references. Ask writers you know if they would be interested in having you do a guest blog post in their blog. If they say no, ask if they know anyone who would be. Its simple, direct and to the point. 
Master the art of guest blogging

Now that you have (hopefully) landed one or two guest blogging opportunities, now master this skill to grow your audience. 

As easy -or hard- as it was to get that one opportunity, it can also be easy to let other opportunities slip through your fingers. 

Once you have landed that opportunity, now its time to master this art. 

It can be pretty awesome knowing that you have a lot of these opportunities waiting for you. The greatest part of this is knowing that your work is improving, and you are getting more recognition. 
  • Keep up with your blog. Do not let your blog fall apart, maybe even spice it up a bit. Once your name is "out there", you can easily create the right image, or a horrible one. I mean, its great that you were able to be featured on someone else's blog, but what about your own? Are you keeping up with it? You should. 
  • Brag about your accomplishment. If you did a great job on your guest blogging gig, then tell your audience about it, and even mention it on your site. Ask for a small Praise from the author of the blog. This can only make you better, and give you more exposure
  • Hone your writing skills. Do you write about a specific niche? Are you willing to learn other areas of writing? If you only write about blogging or freelance writing, then you might want to consider expanding your topics a bit. The freelance business is constantly growing. There is no other way of creating more income if you do not learn other areas of freelancing. I know writers that have several skills under their belt, and others that do OK, with only a few. The more you learn, the more you earn!
  • Do more research on future writing gigs. If it took you a while to get this one guest blogging gig, then do more research for the next time. If your goal is to do at least 2 guest blogging appearances a week, or a month, then you have to do a lot more work. The best part about being able to land this gig is knowing that you are getting more exposure, but it takes time, and you also need to learn what blogs will be asking for more writers, and when. What topics are hot right now, and who is asking for them. 
To your success! 

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