Monday, December 23, 2013

How to Use Amazon to Close Your Income Gap Every Month

If you are not using Amazon Affiliate, chances are you are missing out on a HUGE chunk of money every single month. 

Amazon affiliates, along with Bluehost has become one of the most popular and used affiliates online. Not only do these two help writers earn a nice little commission from their affiliate programs every month, but thousands of members, if not tens of thousands have found these websites EXTREMELY helpful, myself included. 

So, if you are not earning money with these affiliates, then its time you do!

Amazon affiliate program is a great way to start creating a small income, and slowly but steadily grow it into a big money earner for any person. I missed out on a lot of opportunities back in 2010, when I decided, maybe its not for me, right now. But, in reality, even when I didn't mention it, amazon affiliate did help me earn some type of income during 2011. Now, it not only helps me every month, but I HIGHLY recommend it for those that want to close their income gap, when things get a little rough during the month.

How to use Amazon as your MAIN money earner. 

Before I explaining how I use amazon affiliate to close my income gap every month, I would also like to mention that when used correctly, Amazon Affiliates can also be used as a main source of income every month. 

Hence, "How to use Amazon as your Main money earner", title. 

I do use amazon to earn money each month, but I also make money as a freelance writer. I've come to find out how many writers and bloggers use this program as their main source of income each month. It is not just about mentioning a product here and there, but knowing how to bring traffic to your site, to let your audience know what you have to offer. 

Amazon affiliates gives writers, blogger and any other person wanting to create an income from home, a great chance to recommend a product, or products on their website. Not only is it helpful but personally, I find it to be fun!

Before this year, I simply added the "search" widget to my blog, and allowed people to search Amazon on their own. It worked, I was making money, but not as much as I would have loved to make.

Everyone knows that the more traffic your blog receives, the more chances that more people will buy one or two items from your blog. This is true, but when you dont specify which products your personally recommend, there is a very high chance that the amount of money you will make from Amazon Affiliate wont be much. 

Shop Amazon - 25 or More Off Select Shipping Supplies

Make it Relevant!

While it can be fun to post product after the product, the trick in getting the reader to purchase whatever you have to offer, is to make the product relevant to your blog/website.

Just a week ago, I posted a blog about If Your Business Fits Your Lifestyle, and incredibly enough, it created a lot of buzz. I mentioned a number of businesses that people could try and find out if it was meant for them. 

From photography, to freelance writing, and how to create your business along your lifestyle.

I mentioned a lot of products that I personally use such as my laptop, which is by far the most reliable tool I have with me all the time, and for photographers, I also mentioned a few cameras and tools, and a link to where they could find more products relevant to their search. 

You can search for the products here-

Shop Amazon - Cameras Under $500

Shop Amazon - Laptops Under $400

I found out how important it was for my readers to have options when it came to what they wanted to purchase. I had an increase of orders on my blog, and an increase of traffic to my posts, and other related topics. 

If you write about Cooking, then the best way to capture the attention of your readers is to offer cookbooks, or something related to cooking that will keep them on your blog longer. 

If you are looking for more blog traffic, you can read all about it here- How to keep that traffic coming.

Blog and Blog some more! 

One of the reasons many writers see their earnings slowly decreasing is due to lack of new information. This is very important when you want to keep your blog growing, and create a profit from it. 

You do not have to recommend new products on every blog, in fact, this can turn away many readers, and I'll get to that in a moment. 

You simply have to continue to provide new, valuable Information on your blog to keep your audience interested. 

If your want to create your own store on your blog, and sell several products, Amazon provides an E-store that is perfect for any individual that wants to promote hundreds of products, or their own on their blog. This can save you both time and energy, if you know what products you always want to display, and lets your readers know what you are offering all the time. 

And a BONUS! Using Bluehost

Although I did not mention Bluehost in the title of this post, I felt it was well worth the mention because it has quickly climbed the affiliate ladder, and has become one of the most GO TO affiliates and websites online. Not only is Bluehost reliable, but it has an AMAZING affiliate Program 

Bluehost is what I like to call the "Creme De La Creme" of Hosting services, as well as Domain uses. Their services are well affordable, and I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to use it!

I am in the process of transferring my sites here, and It is by far one of the best services I have used! 

So, if you have ever had any doubt what hosting service you wanted to use, look no further!

Hope you enjoyed this treat!

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