Monday, December 9, 2013

One silly little mistake could ruin all of your marketing efforts.

What is the ONE thing you need to have a successful blog? 

Great blog content, lots of posts, how about an AUDIENCE.

The secret to marketing is having an audience to share your blog with, and for them to share it with others. This is something that EVERY writer wants: a popular blog!

A blog that has thousands of followers, profitable and everyone reads on a daily basis. Well, this can be difficult to have when few people know about your blog. One little mistake can ruin your marketing efforts, and that mistake is not having an audience waiting to receive your next blog post!

Its great that you have hundreds of blog posts, and you keep adding more each week, but how much traffic are you getting? How many clients can reach you? DO clients reach you at all?

Dont let your blog fall through the cracks!

There is no reason why your blog content should have to go unnoticed online. In order to create an audience, you have to go where you know your blog will be appreciated and share it like crazy!

I'm talking about telling people about it left and right. 

Know anyone that needs some writing advice, or anyone that is looking for new blogs to read? Share a link with them! One of the mistakes that many writers make is that they feel like they need to have a certain amount of posts already published before they share their blogs with anyone, or in any website. 

Well, this is not exactly true! 

Honestly, I have been sharing my blog for quite some time now, and at the very beginning I only had about 3 blog posts, and people liked it. Some even shared my blog with others, and so on..

Dont be afraid to share your work! Show that you love it, and you are proud of it.

Many writers create a facebook page for their blogs or businesses, and it's a great opportunity to share information with hundreds of people at the same time, you can also set up accounts on other social media outlets to give your blog the proper attention. 

Do you have a goal for your blog?

If you have a long-term goal for your blog such as expanding your area of expertise, or creating another extension of it, then let others know about, and share those goals with your audience. 

If you want to establish an audience for your blog, you should have a goal for your blog to keep people interested. For example, if you are looking to add more information about blogging, you should think about adding a free ebook containing information for your audience, and an incentive for more people to come to your blog.

If you dont want to give away a free ebook yet, you can do something else like put away time during the day to have people ask you a question, or give you an idea for your blog. 

The whole point of this is to constantly have eyes on your blog, and slowly build your audience, to make your blog profitable. Many writers make it their mission to make sure this happens as early as two or three months! So, it can be done, you just need to practice!

Keep Your Audience Interested

Ok, so you have a great audience. What are you doing to keep them interested?

One of the problems that can happen to blogs as time passes, is this: People will begin to lose interest. 

Yep, all that time that you spent making people interested in your blog, just to have people lose interest in it... Its not great!

Keeping your audience interested can be difficult, but it can also be fun, if you let it be!

Try giving away something for free, promoting an event or if you are expanding your business, try giving someone a chance to work one-on-one with you at no charge. Not only will this keep the interest of your followers, but it might also bring you more business in the future! 

What do you think? Great Information? Or should I cover more? 

Let me know! Comment

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