Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pen and Paper VS Technology: Do you REALLY need technology for everything?

In a day and age where everything, and I do mean everything is attached to technology, I cant help but ask the question:

Do we need technology for everything?

Well, Lets think about this critically:

Seeing as how I am typing this blog post on my computer, while checking my cell phone for e-mail updates, and listening to music through another link, I'm thinking; YES! We need technology. BUT not for everything. 

When I started to write for a living, I had an old computer, and I kept a legal pad and pen on me at all times, thinking that if I had one of those "light bulb" ideas, I would quickly write it down before I would forget. 

This worked well for me. I used my laptop to write blog posts, search for clients online, manage my e-mails, everything really. In fact, I would be lying if I said that I did not try to catch up on all the latest hip technology.
True, I cant afford an All-In-One laptop, YET! But, I am working on it..

But any who, back to the point. Do we need all of this technology today? Meaning high tech cell phones, gadgets, laptops, etc.. 

With the EXTREME growth of online apps, widgets, and hundreds of new and different ways to connect, share, keep up with social media, it seems to me that it all points towards writers having the best of the best to keep our businesses growing.

But, is that really the case?

The reason why I started writing was simple: Help provide extra income for my family. A few years ago, it seemed like all I needed was my laptop and BAM! I could start working. Now, everyone has the latest phone, computer or gadget, that makes me wonder, if the basics still even work.

Remembering our Old Friends: Pen and Paper

 Remember when all we needed to work was a pen and paper. I still use my legal pads, they are amazing. Now, whenever I go to the store, I get weird looks from people when I grab my office supplies, and they ask me what I do for a living. 

My answer: Freelance writer!

The looks on people's faces is priceless! 

Its incredible to think that in the future, we might not even need to write anything down. With the way technology is advancing, all that people will have to do is talk into a microphone or pen and the words will "magically" appear on the screen of their laptops. Its also amazing (and a little sad) to think that in the future, we might not even have or need paper anymore. 

I love technology and everything, but sometimes I think we forget the basic things. The reasons we started writing, and the way many writers FIRST started creating their income. 

So, do we really need technology for everything?

Do we need technology to send a sample to the mail? Or to write a letter to someone, or to tell people that we have our own business and we are looking for new clients? 

No, but I think it makes things easier.

I love to write everything that I need to get done on paper FIRST, then execute my work for the day. I also love to buy personal organizers and keep them handy. I HATE being glued to my cell phone. But, I think people love the idea of having everything in one device, to keep everything together. 

Personally, I would take my notebook over my laptop any day. But, I do need it to answer my e-mails and to check my clients. 

So, i'm asking you. Do we need technology for everything?

Let me know what you think! Comment below! 

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