Monday, September 29, 2014

Have you Reached Your Goals this Year?

Hello All!

It has been quite a while since I typed up a post!

I just wanted to give you guys a little update about me and what I've been working on for the past several months!

This year so far has been the year of adventures! I have been trying my hardest to follow up on a lot of small goals that I set up for myself, both late last year and at the beginning of this year..

One of the many goals I wanted to accomplish, personally, was to start a new business venture. Something new, that I have never done before, and create an income from it. 

I sort of started it earlier this year. On a previous post- My summer vacation is almost over, I talked about how I started selling clothes on Instagram, through my shop @shyculture and how I was going to go into detail about that business venture a little later. I am happy to say that I DID manage to get that business venture going, and I HAVE started to create a (small) income from it. 

Its far from the income I want to achieve mind you, but my little shop @shyculture, is starting to grow little by little.

RIght now, I have only been selling my own clothes, and have not started buying new materials, yet. But that will change BEFORE the end of this year, 2014.

OK! Time for Updates!!

Since I have been away from my computer for quite some time, and this blog has already started to catch dust, I have decided to start a whole new section on my blog, and dedicate it strictly to New Updates! 

Basically, I have decided to write smaller, but informational blog posts about the newest additions and progress of this blog, and other blogs that I contribute to, and publish them together.

Longer posts, will NOW only be posted once a week (YES! I will post, I promise!), and I will keep you guys informed about changes, and appearances through Twitter!

If you haven't already Follow Me on Twitter: @jessicaarangel1

I love to hear from my Audience, and I DO respond to comments!

About this Blog...

Well, let me tell you a little bit about this blog...

Even though I have not been on here for a while, I am SO thankful my wonderful readers have actually stuck around.

What is even more wonderful is that this blog continues to thrive. 

Lately, I have been studying the layout of my blog, and I have noticed the HUGE difference in earnings in both Amazon AND my other affiliates, mainly Bluehost and Ebates (I am going to explain this further in an upcoming post).

Amazon has always been a great source of income for me, but lately, Its been treating me a lot better since I started to focus less on advertising the store, and more on Enjoying the products and telling people about them.

NOW, this blog is becoming more of a step-by-step guide for others, because I am trying to keep people up to date on everything that I try. 

Before I started working on this blog, I was a full-time freelance writer, and blogger, for a couple of companies. In fact, if you like, you can Follow me on my other blog- The Writing Gal. This is where I write about Freelancing, How to Blog professionally, and establish your brand as a writer.

So, I think its worthy of a mention!

Thinking back on goals, I have achieved ONE goal I had for this Blog.

Create another source of income from it, and connect it to other business ventures. 

Like I mentioned above, I have been working on another business outside of this blog, and its going well. 

One thing that I am looking forward to doing more of, is posting more updates on this blog about my other ventures.

Its seems to me, people relate more to me, when they see everything I'm doing. So, If you guys want to know more information about my businesses, then I'll write more about them!

Once again, Dont Forget to Follow my Instagram shop: @shyculture and my PERSONAL account on @jessicaarangel10.

Also, see you on Twitter! 

Have you Reached Your Goals this Year?

Hello All! It has been quite a while since I typed up a post! I just wanted to give you guys a little update about me and what I'v...