Hello there!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Jessica, and I love to write. 

I started this blog back in 2010, shortly after the birth of my son. I started writing online as a freelance writer, and slowly moved into blogging for profit in 2011. Blogging has always been a huge part of my career, because it gives me the opportunity to share with other writers my daily struggles, my freelance experiences and how I managed to create a profitable blog.

Although I love to blog, it has not always been easy to keep up with. Blogging can be a great way to create an income, if you create the right blog for your business. I have had to learn a lot of lessons about the freelance business the hard way. My aim is to help writers not make the same mistakes I have made, and start creating an income right away. 

I started The Beyond Words Blog as a way to share with other writers my ideas, tips and tricks that work for me, and those that do not. 

I know that people might be confused to read The Beyond Words Blog, instead of The freelance writing blog, or something close to it, but in reality I didn't want this blog to be just about freelancing or blogging, but information on how to create any profitable business online.

I have three completely different businesses online that I am absolutely passionate about, and from time to time, I'll mention them on this blog, and share with you what I'm doing, and how things are working out. 

I hope you enjoy reading this blog, and everything that you it has to offer. 

Here are my goals for this blog:

  • Post twice a week. Usually Mondays and Fridays. If not, then in the middle of the week.
  • Answer questions from my readers.
  • Accept at least ONE guest blogger a week. (If you are interested in being a guest blogger for beyond words, e-mail me!)
One of the reasons why I turned to blogging for profit, instead of continuing to grow my freelance career is mainly for the lack of time. 

I'm going to let you in, in a dirty little secret that many writers know, but few talk about..

Freelancing, no matter what niche or job, can be a little bit tiring. 

Freelancing, either writing, or designer, whatever you choose to do can be stressful because as a freelancer, you are always looking for that next job.. 

This is why I love Blogging for profit. I create an income from the work I did before..

So, stick around and let me show you how to create a profitable blog!

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