I run a number of affiliates on my blog. I either talk about them, have them on display, or I simply direct people to my affiliates page, where they can see what they need.

I have used every single one of these services at some point of my career, and they have worked wonders for me. Below is the list of every single affiliate I have used to date, and those that continue to make me money every single month. I try to keep the list as updated as possible, however, it can be really difficult to go back years and see what programs I have used, but I have the majority of them outlined here.

As I continue to grow my business, and continue to experiment with other programs, websites I will post updates, links and comment on posts on my experiences with them.

** If you guys sign up with these links, I will earn a small commission, at NO extra cost to you! It can also help you make money too, if you choose to.  I have used these programs myself, and I can highly recommend them!**
If you do decide to sign up through my links, I appreciate your support!

My top Affiliates

Amazing Hosting service. Simple, effortless and completely affordable. I trust this site immensely. Simple process if you are looking to Add more websites, transfer your hosting service or simply start your own website. If you haven't already done so, sign up right here!
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This book teaches you how to build a better blog in 30 days. It provides a lot of useful information for new bloggers, and gives you the tools you need to build a better blog. 

Freelance websites

  • Freelancer- The main reason why I love this site is because it is constantly growing. I started using Freelancer in 2010, when I started my freelance career, and right away I began to make money. I have found projects between $50 to $1000 on this site. Some of my long- term clients have come from this site, and the majority of my High-paying clients. Whenever I want to make extra pocket change or I need more clients, this is my GO TO site for business. 
  • AWeber- I find this program to meet every single need I have for my business. I use it for most of my websites, and my readers love it. Try it for yourself to see if its for you!
  • Bluehost- Bluehost is one of the fastest and better priced website host out there. Amazing customer service, have never had any problems with them. If you have been looking for a great priced web hosting service, OR you want to switch hosting services, then start right here.
Social Marketing Tools
  • HootSuite- This is a very popular social media management tool. This tool is ESSENTIAL for all those that have trouble keeping up with more than one social network. You can sign in and create a FREE account, OR you can always pay a small fee and manage several social networks in one website! This is a great tool for those of you who juggle more than ONE business online! 

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